Monday, March 7, 2011


From january eighteen to february five I set out to join a group of skaters in checking off Tasmania for pure parks. this means praying over, cleaning, and handing out Bibles to all of TAS's 56 skate parks.

In all we gave away 175 Bibles, 200 christian skate dvds and a couple boxes of prizes, all funded by boardstore and trinity distribution.

The overall idea of pure parks and giving away Bibles is that they would be seeds planted in peoples lives that have never heard the gospel.

The trip went really well, we we're blessed in so many ways, (food, housing, loving people) with only 1 minor injury, and some really cool opportunities to share about the God that loves us.

Tasmania is one beautiful place.

These are photos of things we did and places we saw on the way to the skateparks....

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